The Izotropic Breast CT Imaging Platform

The Izotropic Breast CT Imaging Platform provides a disruptive solution to the shortcomings and inefficacies of current imaging modalities and care paths to breast cancer diagnosis. There is a significant unmet need for a breast imaging modality that is fast, affordable, and images the breast in true 3D. Clinicians cannot investigate or treat abnormalities that they cannot see.

With breast CT, women lay face down on the system table placing the breast to be imaged in a hole in the table. The imaging hardware beneath the table circles around the breast creating a series of raw data images, or image slices. These raw images, or slices are processed using proprietary computer software to reconstruct true 3D images of the breast.

Breast CT Machine

The Izotropic Breast CT Imaging Platform provides true 3D imaging with a 360° view acquisition. With breast CT, identifying tumors and determining their size, shape, location and depth is made easier with multiple viewpoints- like a 3D model.

Our system is routinely imaging suspicious lesions and tumors in the 3-5mm range in ongoing clinical trials. The average size abnormality imaged using standard of care mammography is 11mm.

True 3D Images

Images are viewable from multiple angles, like a 3D model

High Resolution

Images are crystal-clear

Fast Imaging

Approx. 500 uncompressed images in 10 seconds per breast

No Discomfort

No Painful Breast Compression

Radiation Dose

Comparable to Standard of Care Mammography

Comparable to MRI

The 3D standard for imaging high-risk women