Breast CT Clinical Images

Images captured with the Izotropic Breast CT Imaging System offer the best way to understand the platform’s capabilities and possibilities.
One of the benefits to the Izotropic Breast CT Imaging System is its ability to show inflammatory breast cancer masses, which can be difficult to detect with mammography. The following images show two types of cancer masses, lobular and inflammatory. Images on the left (a) are taken before contrast injection. Images on the right (b) are post-contrast injection.
The Izotropic Breast CT Imaging System is better able to capture images of the chest wall area. The bright spots in the chest wall region are the patient’s ribs.
The platform offers a maximum-intensity projection (MIP) viewing capability and zoom capability on a region of interest (ROI). The following images were taken following iodine contrast injection:
Using the system’s subtraction capability enables radiologists to get a more complete view of a mass observed using iodine contrast. In this instance the image shows a necrotic tumor (dead cells in the tumor’s interior).