Key Influencers & Advisors

Dr. Martin Yaffe

Ph.D., Senior Advisor

A member of The Order of Canada, Dr. Martin Yaffe is a senior scientist in physical sciences at the Odette Cancer Research Program at the Sunnybrooke Research Institute in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Yaffe was a member of the team that drove the development of digital mammography.
His current work is focused on the development, improvement and optimization of breast cancer imaging techniques for screening and diagnosis, breast tomosynthesis, image quality assessment, breast density, breast cancer risk, biomarker imaging research including the development of new techniques for 3D pathology.
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Dr. Karen Lindfors

M.D., MPH, FACR, Senior Advisor

Dr. Lindfors is a leading expert in the field of breast cancer screening and breast imaging and diagnostics, having specialized in cancer radiology and breast imaging and diagnostic radiology for more than 30 years. She is highly published and a leading advocate for women’s health who works locally and nationally to promote patient and healthcare professional education for early detection of breast cancer.
Dr. Lindfors has been the lead clinical researcher in developing new methods to screen for breast cancer, including dedicated breast CT developed at UC Davis and breast tomosynthesis.
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Dr. Norbert Pelc

D.Sc., Senior Development and Technology Advisor

Dr. Pelc is a professor of bioengineering and radiology at Stanford University. Prior to joining the Stanford faculty in 1990, he was the senior physicist and manager of the applied sciences laboratory at GE Medical Systems where he developed technology for all medical imaging modalities.
His primary research interests are in the physics, engineering, and the mathematics of diagnostic imaging. His current work is focused on methods to improve information content, image quality and the reduction of radiation dose in computed tomography (CT) examinations.
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Dr. Craig Shimasaki

Ph.D., MBA, Medical Device Business Consultant

Dr. Shimasaki is a scientist, businessperson, author and entrepreneur. Having co-founded three biotechnology companies, his mission has been to bring medically needed products from research, clinical testing, and regulatory approval to the public so that more patients can benefit from important new advances.
Over the last 35 years, his focus has been on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic products where he has worked with the FDA, conducted clinical trials, manufactured products, and helped to develop businesses. He has brought five products through the FDA 510(k) approval process and he has served in various roles at several companies, from director of project planning, vice president of research and development, chief operating officer, and chief executive officer.
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Dr. John McGraw

MSc, Ph.D, Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations

Dr. McGraw has 21 years experience in heath care business development and has created and implemented successful strategies for the advancement clinical trials and medical device development through licensing and acquisitions.
In addition to his extensive entrepreneurial and consulting experience, Dr. McGraw has also provided executive leadership to two public companies. He was VP of Operations for Novadaq Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: NCVQ), a medical device imaging company which was acquired by Stryker Corporation for US $701M in 2017. He was also Senior Vice President Business Development & Strategy for CML HealthCare Inc (TSX:CLC), one of Ontario’s leading providers of laboratory diagnostic services and Canada’s largest provider of medical imaging services which was acquired by LifeLabs (owned by OMERS/Borealis) for CA$1.2B in 2013.
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George Burkett

M. Eng, Advisor

Mr. Burkett holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and has spent the last 15 years working at UC Davis. He is credited for his crucial role in the detailed design and the mechanical and hardware development of breast CT, which included building and maintaining four successive breast CT imaging system models, each incorporating efficiencies and new cutting-edge technological advancements as they became available.

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Dr. Anita Nosratieh

Ph.D, FDA Advisor

Dr. Nosratieh was a lead reviewer with the FDA where she worked with companies seeking approval of breast cancer screening and diagnostic devices. As lead reviewer, she gained first-hand knowledge of the standards and practices companies need to make it through the early stage development process to regulatory approval.
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Dr. Craig Abbey

Ph.D, Advisor

Dr. Abbey has served as a Scientific Reviewer for the FDA where he sat on independent review panels to evaluate reader studies proposed by companies seeking FDA approval of medical imaging devices including Hologic’s Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
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Alexander Tokman

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Tokman specializes in creating and commercializing new technology businesses in the healthcare industry. His extensive experience includes leading several global business units within GE Healthcare where he led the creation, commercialization and growth of several new global medical imaging businesses, including PET/CT and Molecular Imaging as well as growing more established modalities such as X-Ray and Mammography.
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