About Us


What is now known as the Izotropic Imaging System was originally invented by Drs. John M. Boone and Thomas R. Nelson along with many graduate students and senior academic collaborators at UC Davis. Nearly two decades of research and development, plus over U.S. $19 million in funding have been invested into developing this groundbreaking breast CT imaging technology.

Development History

Development began in the late 1990s and has included four prototype systems used in imaging studies of more than 600 women. Currently, the University of California, Davis is conducting an NIH-funded clinical evaluation on an additional 400 women. At the same time, the company, in collaboration with the UC Davis team, is developing a fifth, commercial-ready system. The next-generation system will be used for regulatory approval, market launch, and commercial sales.


Birth of Izotropic

In 2016, Izotropic Corporation and its wholly owned U.S. operating subsidiary, Izotropic Imaging Corporation were established to begin commercializing this next generation of breast imaging technology. The company secured an exclusive license with UC Davis to commercialize the technology. The license includes all intellectual property, trade secrets, patents, and patent-pending applications that are the foundation of the company’s breast CT Imaging platform.