The Izotropic Breast CT Imaging System

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True 3-D Images

All Images Are Viewable From Any Angle

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High Resolution

High Quality And Crystal-Clear

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Fast Imaging

500 Images in 10 Seconds

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No Discomfort

No Painful Breast Compression

The Breast Cancer Landscape


Global Breast Cancer Diagnoses Each Year


Global Deaths From Breast Cancer


2019 Projected USA Breast Cancer Deaths


2019 Projected Breast Cancer Cases in the USA

There’s an urgent need for a cost-effective screening method that offers greater accuracy, speed, and comfort. The medical community is very aware of current limitations in detecting breast cancer. Doctors are using the additional breast imaging modalities with increasing frequency, and researchers are actively pursuing new detection advances.

Market Opportunity

Strong growth is expected in the breast imaging market over the next 10 years. A brief overview of industry studies shows excellent projections.

The breast imaging market is expected to reach $4.14 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR* of 8.5% from 2016 to 2021 and $7.3 billion by 2024.^ Several factors that are currently contributing to market growth include an aging population, increased obesity rates & health care costs and spending is on the rise.

Cap Table

As of February 13, 2020 Trading Information
Industry Life Sciences
Stock Exchanges CSE / OTC
Stock Symbols IZO / IZOZF
Sector Medical Imaging
52 Week Range- CSE CAD$ 0.19 – 0.425
52 Week Range- OTC US$ 0.22 - 0.28
Common Shares Issued – Basic 29,965,499
Warrants 6,509,000
Options 2,250,000
Fully Diluted 38,724,499
Market Capitalization - Fully Diluted CAD$ 10,487,925

Stock Charts

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