Izotropic Corporation | 3D CT Imaging Expert Joins Izotropic Advisory

3D CT Imaging Expert Joins Izotropic Advisory


VANCOUVER, BC – January 7, 2021 – Izotropic Corporation (“Izotropic” or the “Company”) (CSE: IZO) (OTC US: IZOZF) (FSE: 1R3) is pleased to announce the addition of Jeff Siewerdsen Ph.D. to the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of industry experts and authorities in their respective fields.

Dr. Siewerdsen is a Professor and Vice-Chair in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, with appointments in Radiology, Neurosurgery, and Computer Science. His research is focused on­­ new medical imaging technologies and algorithms, including CT and cone-beam CT (CBCT), image reconstruction and registration, and the physics of image quality.

Dr. Siewerdsen’s contributions include the development of new 3D imaging systems for image-guided radiation therapy, image-guided surgery, and point-of-care diagnostic imaging in orthopaedics and neuro-critical care. He was on the team that first introduced CBCT for guidance of radiotherapy – a technology that is now a standard-of-care. His work on CBCT mobile C-arms has helped to introduce intraoperative CBCT and high-precision guidance in numerous surgical applications. He also developed some of the first CBCT systems for orthopaedic extremity imaging as well as high-quality point-of-care imaging of head trauma. Underlying such systems are advanced algorithms for high-quality 3D image reconstruction and registration as well as mathematical models of 3D image quality to optimize the design of new imaging systems for particular imaging tasks. Dr. Siewerdsen’s work is marked by close clinical collaboration with radiologists, surgeons, and radiation oncologists to accelerate the translation of concepts to first clinical applications.

Dr. Siewerdsen’s appointment to the Scientific Advisory Board expands the Company’s expertise in developing the Breast CT imaging platform for new and complementary products. 

The Company has granted Dr. Siewerdsen 100,000 stock options at an exercise price of $1.25. The stock options are in effect for two (2) years and vest immediately.


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About Izotropic Corporation

Izotropic Corporation is commercializing dedicated breast CT imaging technology for the earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancers. Extensive preliminary studies have found that breast CT may be able to routinely detect small breast tumors in the 3-5 mm size range. The median size of breast cancer found using mammography is approximately 11 mm. Routine detection of 3 mm lesions would result in 1.5 year earlier detection over mammography.

The initial indication for use for breast CT as a diagnostic device has been confirmed. Forthcoming business objectives include identifying additional indications for use, development of accessories, and additional products, all aimed at making breast CT an indispensable tool for improving the outcomes of breast cancer.

Additional information about Izotropic Corporation can be found on its website at izocorp.com and by reviewing its profile on SEDAR at sedar.com

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